Chris Clor was 12-years old, and he was bored. So, he began to draw. That worked for a while. But soon Chris was bored again. So, he started painting. Chris liked to paint. Really, he did. But boredom struck once more. This time Chris picked up a camera. And he never put it down.

Today, this award-winning photographer and illustrator, specializing in conceptual, portrait and product photography has created this website to showcase his personal and most cherished work. This collection is an intentional and conscious example of decades of images, representing photographs, captured throughout his travels over 4 decades. In spite of all those miles and all that time, you the viewer will recognize the unmistakable and genuine themes to this collection: Black and white is one theme; a certain yin and yang is another; and the abstract, downright absurd is yet a third. But through it all, your journey into this stunning collection will be all your own – just the way Chris intended.

His knack for turning the mundane, the overlooked and the discarded into thought provoking, breath taking imagery is what has earned Chris dozens of accolades that include awards from Communication Arts, One Eyeland and many others.

They say boredom always precedes a period of great creativity. If that’s true, then stay bored, Chris. We can’t wait to see what’s next.

For a look at Chris' commercial work visit: